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PHOTO FINISH by Far explores the impact of technological progress, in concrete AI, and its influence on visual culture, featuring the horse as a central symbol. The artwork references its historical significance in the work of Eadweard Muybridge, where the horse served as an object for capturing the passage of time with photography and ultimately led to the development of motion pictures.

In situations where the naked eye cannot determine the winner of a race, a photo or video taken at the finish line is often used for a more accurate assessment. Race photography has continuously evolved since its inception, from single-exposure photo finishes to motion picture cameras and advanced digital cameras that use 1-dimensional array sensors to capture 1-pixel-wide sequential images of the finish line. PHOTO FINISH explores the introduction of new technological players in the visual production process, specifically focusing on AI-generated images of horse races.

The artwork is created in two steps: first, an AI model trained on actual race photos generates a speed photo of a horse race; second, the pixels of the AI-generated image are dismantled and reorganized, reinstilling a sense of velocity.

PHOTO FINISH is part of the exhibition ALGORITHMIC EMPATHY. THE PROMISES OF AI, presented by EXPANDED.ART and VerticalCrypto Art at EXPANDED.ART in Berlin, 18-23 April, 2023.

16 artists explore the vast potential of future relationships between AI and creative expression to hypothesize on the not-so-distant future.

In a world where technological advancements happen in the blink of an eye, AI is being pointed to in the cultural zeitgeist as an example of a potentially bleak and ominous future. It is worth considering, however, the ways computers and machine learning can push forward creativity, human connection and philosophical dialogues.

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